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Corrosion Control Systems • Protection for the Life of your building!
Secondary Containment Systems

• 25+ years proven performance backed by independent test data
• Eliminates replacement of building components
• Efficient, seamless thermal insulation (R 6.5 per inch) results in payback thru energy savings
• Thick, spray-applied polymer composite shell eliminates surface preparation
• Reinforces roofing & siding
• Low maintenance

Corrosion Control Diagram

Why Does it Work So Well?

Applied Thickness - Average installed thickness between 1"-2" or 75 to 300 times thicker than paint.

Strength - Ultimate combination of spray polyurethane foam insulation and "fiberglass" resin coating technology. The final installed product is a structural composite assembly, having similar strength to products such as fiberglass tanks and piping.

Low Permeability - High-solids, quick-cure system forms a tight cellular matrix that minimizes air, chemical and water vapor from reaching substrate.

Minimal Surface Preparation - High-strength, low-weight system achieves mechanical lock to substrate, unlike traditional coatings that are solely dependent on surface adhesion.


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